Intense Training


We all know that exercise does a body good. Not only is it beneficial for overall health, but it is also necessary for mental health as well. Exercise can boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help with depression, anxiety, stress, trauma and so much more.


Other Benefits of Exercise Include:


Sharper memory and thinking

Improved self-esteem

Increased energy

Stronger resilience


* Individuals can either schedule an appointment for Behavioral Health Training or Individual Personal Training. Schedule an appointment today to learn more and to start your path to complete wellness. 



Your Counseling Therapist and Coach will work together to create a wellness treatment plan for you which includes a fitness regimen appropriate for your needs.

Each session is a minimum of 30 minutes.  Session may be completed in person or over Zoom.

Gym Equipments

Personal Trainer

Individuals looking to gain strength, build muscle tone, lose weight, or increase confidence may schedule an appointment with our personal trainer at   any time.

Sessions start at 30 minutes.  Prices for personal training may vary depending on need.