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Prenatal Yoga


Adding yoga to your wellness goals can help you with your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. If you are new to yoga or even new to physical activity, taking the first steps to incorporate yoga into your daily life can be invaluable and adaptable to whatever situation you are facing.

Benefits of Yoga on Your Mental Health:

*Eases Anxiety and Depression

*Relieves chronic stress

*Improves concentration, focus and memory

*Reduces and controls anger

*Maintains a healthy brain

*Improves Mood

Physical Benefits of Yoga:

*Improves strength, balance and flexibility

*Can provide relief from aches and pains such as back pain and arthritis symptoms

*Reduces stress and inflammation, benefitting your heart health

*Can help you sleep better

*Improves your breath and energy levels

*Promotes Self-Care

Practicing Yoga

Wellness Support Package

Your Counseling Therapist and Yoga Wellness Coach will work together to create a wellness treatment plan for you which includes a guided weekly practice appropriate for your needs. Individual treatment plans focus on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Each session is a minimum of 30 minutes and is scheduled for a total of 4 weeks. Session are completed over Zoom.


Enjoy the benefit of having support mentally and physically!

$55. First session

$35. After first session

Yoga Equipment

Individual Yoga Sessions

Individuals looking to gain mental clarity, physical strength, improved mood, reduced anxiety, or an increase in confidence may schedule a Yoga only appointment with our Yoga instructor at any time.

Individual Yoga session are

one-on-one sessions with your Yoga Instructor geared toward Yoga goal setting and practice. 

Sessions start at 30 minutes and are completed over Zoom..  

$55. First Session

$40. (30 min. Individual Session)

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