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Relaxing Massage

Massage Therapy

*Therapeutic Massage is a proven method to support your Health & Wellness. Enjoy the benefits of.....

reduced stress, increase circulation, improved range of motion, relief from pain. 

* Purchase our Membership Services and benefit from a self care routine you will actually stick to!

*Individuals may schedule a massage services while a loved one is in counseling. Contact staff to coordinate scheduling.

Shoulder Massage

Target Massage

30 Min | $50

With this 30-minute session, our massage therapists target the areas of pain and stress in the upper body to relieve tension and alleviate discomfort. This treatment targets the front and back of the neck, shoulders,

arms, and hands.

* Clients participating in Wellness Support Package only pay $35


Advanced Therapeutic Massage

1 hr | $85

Our most requested massage helps you get the best results! You deserve a custom massage that accommodates to all your needs. This 50 min hands on massage includes a variety of modalities (Relaxation, Deep Tissue, & Stretching). Its everything you need in one package.


Swedish Relaxation Massage

1 hr | $75

This 50 min Relaxation Massage incorporates signature Swedish techniques. It uses firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation, ease muscle tension and promote other health benefits like

improved circulation, reduction of pain, better sleep, lowering blood pressure and over active nerves. 


Upgrade with

50 min | $20

Upgrade your massage by adding  Cupping into your 50 min. session

 Each upgrade option is only $10.


Cupping Therapy uses suctions cups to stimulate skin & muscles. Which increase blood circulation, cellular repair, & eases muscle Tension.


Upgrade at the time of your massage

Stones on Foot

Upgrade with
Hot Stones

50 min | $20

Upgrade your massage by adding Hot Stones into your 50 min. session

 Each upgrade option is only $10.

Hot Stones create a deeper relaxation massage by easing muscle tension & pain.  Your therapist will strategically place the hot stones on each area of your body.


Upgrade at the time of your massage

Massage Salts

Upgrade with

1 hr | $15

Need more time? Add-on reflexology or scalp massage for an additional 10 minutes to your 50 minutes massage.

Our Reflexology add on is specifically for your hands or feet. It promotes relaxation, and creates a sense of calm throughout your body! 

Our Scalp massage relaxes the mind and encourages stress reduction. Relax while warm essential oil is massaged throughout your scalp. 

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