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Wellness Support Package

We Believe in Complete and Integrative Healing!

Available to you is our Wellness Support Package

which includes Counseling services along with one or more wellness option.

See options below.

*Massage Therapy

*Individual Yoga Sessions

*Individual Personal Training


The Wellness Support Package includes scheduled individual counseling sessions in collaboration with one or more physical option. Counseling sessions allow you to express verbally while physical options allow you to release physically, aligning your mind and body. Individual counseling session and wellness options are booked together in a 4 week time span. Each physical session is a minimum of 30 minutes. Treatment plans are based on clients needs. Needs are assessed during the intake process.

Our goal is to introduce a wellness package that may transition you into ongoing individual services which become part of your wellness routine and life style. 

To Purchase a Wellness Support Package, Please call our office at (210) 451-0414.

Click on one services below to learn more.

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